Replacement Questions - Camera broke :(

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We were traveling this week and our floor stand snapped. No idea how it happened because it was while we weren’t at the vacation house. We came back to the house to find everything on the floor. When the stand fell over, our camera unfortunately broke too. Since we purchased in 2019, it’s sadly no longer covered. We’re buying a new one and I wanted to confirm with someone that has the Plus and the Pro that all of our current Plus accessories (i.e. wall mount, flex stand, travel case) will still work with the new Pro. I’m so bummed and hoping we don’t need to pay any more than we need to for extra accessories since this was an unexpected expense.

Also, in regards to insights, we pre-paid for the year. Our year is up in January. If we choose to select “Add new camera” to take advantage of the free year of insights, will we be refunded for the remaining time on our current plan? Since our child is a toddler now, I don’t think it will be a huge deal to lose the data. I can export the memories I have saved and sleep data doesn’t matter as much now that they’re three. Is there anything I’m not thinking of data wise though that would be bad to lose?

Thanks for all the help!


  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @NeedHelp,

    Thanks for posting on the community. Rest assured that all accessories from the Nanit Plus camera will work with the Nanit Pro camera!

    And for your Insights Subscription, the support team can help provide a refund for the remaining of your plan. If you like, I can help create a ticket for you so the support team can help you with your Insights subscription and they can assist you more with any questions you have with Insights subscription.