False Red Alerts


I just had my 3rd false red alert in exactly 1 week. First last Sunday, then the following day (Monday), and now today, Sunday (7/3/22). These alerts are causing me anxiety. It’s making it where whenever I put her (almost 4 mo baby girl) down for naps/bedtime, I have to keep the app open because I’m so scared if I’m downstairs I won’t hear an alert, because the app will not alert me unless the app is open on my phone. Anyone having more red alerts lately? The night before the Nanit kept disconnecting in the middle of the night, which is also scary. I currently use the tripod stand because she is in a bassinet in our bedroom. Last time they said to raise her bed, which I cannot. It seems faulty that they don’t have the option to lower their stand if you need it to be. I get they have a multistand, but then that doesn’t give you any insights. This whole system has cost a lot of money! We bought the tripod stand over a month ago because we wanted a better angle. Could the camera be faulty?


  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hey @NellasMommy,

    Thanks for letting us know about the false red alerts you're receiving. Try referring to this article to ensure that Breathing Motion Monitoring is working correctly: How can I ensure proper Breathing Motion Monitoring?

    If you also notice that you're not receiving notifications from your phone unless you open the Nanit app, refer to this article to learn how to troubleshoot: Why don't I receive notifications for Nanit?

    If the article above does not work for you, try reinstalling the app, reboot your phone device, and reinstall the app to see if that helps.

    Let us know if you're still experiencing any problems and we'll be more than happy to help!