How to "gift" Insights subscription to new parents?

Brian Member
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We have some friends expecting their first child and they have expressed interest in Nanit. We would like to gift them a camera, stand, and a year of Insights. Are the gift cards on the online store able to be used for Insights purchases?


  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team
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    Hi @Brian,

    Thanks for posting and that's really sweet of you of wanting to gift them a camera, stand, and a year of Insights subscription! The gift cards are only valid for orders sold on and not valid for subscription purchases at

    I'm sure you are aware, but any Nanit purchase comes with a year of Insights Basic. I agree that it would be great to gift additional subscriptions to new parents, friends, and family! I'll share your feedback with the team! 🙂