Clicking-motion detected

Our camera is doing something very similar. Our camera is constantly triggering motion detected and it is clicking with infrared on constantly.


  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @Aschubert6 - thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry that you are experience frequent motion notifications and IR clicks, I know these can be annoying!

    For both issues, I'd recommend power cycling (unplug for a few minutes, then plug back in) and resetting your Nanit - sometimes the Nanit just needs a quick reset moment (don't we all!).

    For the frequent motion notifications, I'd recommend adjusting the motion and sound sensitivities in the app - it may be that they are set too high and are picking up too much.

    For the IR clicking, the clicks should happen rarely, only when switching between modes based on the level of light in the room. If the clicking is happening excessively for you and disturbing your little one, it's likely that the night vision is transitioning at the wrong time. You can try troubleshooting by toggling the night vision option in settings from auto to off, and then back to auto again. Additionally, make sure that the room is light/dark enough in the room to maintain day/night mode - the sensors will make the IR lights switch on and off repeatedly if it's somewhere between light and dark in the room.

    Let me know how these troubleshooting steps go and any changes you see if you are still experiencing issues after trying them!