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I need to purchase a new sleep sack for our son and Ive heard some things about the thickness being an issue with the breathing band. How thick is too thick for the band to read accurate breathing? I also saw that you sell a sleep sack, but do you only have a lower tog one? I’m needing a warmer one for winter and have been using a 2.5 tog. I think the one I have is probably too thick. Could you give me some advice on the thickness while using the band please?

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  • @Aehoward04 you can use the breathing band over a sleep sack that is TOG 1.0 or less. A bit more information on the breathing band, in case it is helpful: The Nanit Breathing Band wraps around your baby’s torso underneath their arms, and goes right over any pajamas or light weight sleep sack they would normally sleep in. The Breathing Band is a great choice for younger babies who prefer not to swaddle, or for older babies who have outgrown their swaddle and have started to roll or sleep on their tummy.

    We don't recommend that the band goes over a padded sleeping bag or sleeping bag that is very thick and heavy. Our general rule of thumb is that most 1.0 TOG sleeping bags are suitable for the breathing band to wrap around.

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    Hi @NanitMelanie

    Thank you for this handy info.

    I've been using the breathing band with a higher TOG sleep sack.

    I'm assuming it's best to switch to a lighter one, correct?


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    Hey @MayaW,

    We recommend the Breathing Band be placed over lightweight pajamas or clothing. You can read more here: Can my baby wear anything underneath Breathing Wear?

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    Thank you!