Dual camera split screen option?

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As pricey and feature packed as nanit is, im surprised and upset that this higher end system lacks a key feature that a huge number of families could benefit from. when my second child was born just a month ago, i was pretty annoyed to learn that i not only had to purchase another $100/yr membership in order to include the grandparents and babysitters in the viewer access area but im seeing that it doesnt support dual view. Is it worth it to keep this camera in hopes this software change comes soon or should i get my money back and go with another brand that already has this? Its frustrating that i need to now invest in another device just to watch both kids at night or during naps. Its a shortfall that should be publicized. Is Nanit working on this?


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    Thank you all again for taking the time to share your product recommendations! We know that Split Screen has been one of our most requested features and we are very excited to announce it will be available on July 13th, 2022! Be sure to have the latest Nanit app version on your Android & iOS device! 😄

    Please check out our CEO Sarah’s announcement post for more details and resources related to the feature. 

    For technical questions and more information about Split Screen, please check and post on our Q&A thread here as we lock this thread - 🎉 New Feature: Split Screen.



  • @RGordonjr1006 and @Momma_Ash Dual camera/split-screen is definitely a very important feature request that we have heard from our customers and it is on our radar.

    Until we have something official you can use a tablet or an Alexa Show as a monitoring device as well, so a combination of your phone and a tablet will allow you to monitor multiple babies at the same time.

  • @Melanie do you have an eta for this feature? Kid number 2 will be here in October and having a second iPad/echo show/phone isent practical.

    I don’t think this would take more then 1 dev 8 hours to modify the UI to allow for 2 streams on the same screen simultaneously.

    but that’s just me (I’m a developer)

  • @Melanie any thoughts ? They are some big radars out there. Baby no 2 already here

  • @danimih congrats on baby number 2! I totally understand how important of a feature request split-screen view is - I can't give out a specific timing right now (and I wish I could!), but what I can share is this is something we have heard from many customers so we know this is incredibly important to our customers and therefore is important to us!

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    @Melanie add me to the list for feature request. I have 2 kids under 2 and 2 cameras. I just want to be able to view both feeds at once.

  • @Melanie following up on this thread to see if there is an update. We have a 3 month old and another baby arriving via GC next month and would love the split screen option.

  • @ashleygildin congratulations! I don't have an update on timing just yet. We will be sure to share this out more widely when we have information to share about plans for split-screen functionality.

  • Also waiting.

  • We have the nanit plus which will now be used with the travel stand for travel. We purchased 2 pro models and the travel stand right after our 2nd child was born (14months + 1month) with the assumption split screen was an obvious feature. Shame on me for assuming. After just finishing setting up the 2nd pro camera, I couldn't figure out split screen, so here I am. Pretty disappointed to have spent over $800 on a product that's inadequate in comparison to some of the cheaper brands. Using 2 devices to monitor our children is far from practical. I purchased 2 echo shows last year, one for work & one for home. I realize it's not nanit's problem, but we have well over $1k invested for our baby monitoring needs already. I understand estimated dates are hard some times, but this isn't an extreme update that's being asked for. It would also be nice to confirm that's it's something being worked on currently, not just in discussion. Thanks for your time & we're hoping an update is on the way soon.

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