Any advice for repairing camera head?

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Has anyone successfully repaired their camera head after it stopped working?

On our most recent trip the camera head stopped working on the travel stand and now it won’t work on our wall mount either. We’ve been through every troubleshooting option with support and they are telling me it’s broken, can’t be fixed and the only solution is to buy a new one as I’m out of warranty (17 months since purchase). I feel like this issue could be fixable and that some part of the USB-C port might have been knocked out of place as the camera still gets warm when plugged in but no lights ever come on.

I’m heavily invested in nanit’s products (as they know from my purchase history) and this all feels a bit money-grabby, not to mention wasteful. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @GrumpyMonkey,

    Thanks for posting on here and letting us know you've discussed your issue with the support team. We want to let you know that our Nanit cameras come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, which you can refer to our warranty policy here - Warranty | Nanit.

    I took a look at your existing ticket and it looks like you have tried all the troubleshooting steps they provided but the light is still not lighting up so this could possibly be a hardware issue where the camera head needs to be replaced. It looks like they provided you with some offers including a discounted price from a Nanit Plus camera to a Nanit Pro camera.

    Do know that when you do upgrade from your current camera to the Pro camera, it will come with a one-year manufacturer warranty so they can help you if that camera head has any problems.

  • Hi @NanitJessica, I do appreciate the help of the support team but I’m hoping not to spend more money as these things aren’t cheap - hence crowdsourcing for solutions. My nanit is only out of warranty by 5 months and for an expensive product to break so quickly from regular use is frustrating.

  • ConcernedDad
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    @GrumpyMonkey Similar, if not the same, issue. Also 17 months after purchase. The infrared lights flash on when plugging in the camera, the camera gets warm, but never connects. The night light also never illuminates.

    @NanitJessica Could this be a faulty batch of cameras heads?

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @ConcernedDad,

    Let me create a ticket for you so the support team can assist you further with your camera. They will respond to your ticket via email as soon as they can!

  • Hi @ConcernedDad

    sorry you’re having a similar issue! I found a couple of electronics repair shops that were willing to fix the camera head but the cost was basically the same as the replacement Nanit offered me, so I just went ahead and paid for the new camera from Nanit. I’m in NYC so the repair costs could be cheaper elsewhere. Hope you manage to get it sorted.