Why are there no nanit pjs for kids older than 9 months?

erikaz Member

I’ve been using the nanit pjs for my daughter cause she never liked to swaddle or sleeping bags, but she’s about to turn 9 months and there’s no pjs for older babies. Why is that? Are they going to be in the future?


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @erikaz Pajamas for older babies are in development, but textile requirements are a little different on older babies, so as we work through it, we don't know if/when we will be able to bring them to market. If your baby isn't a fan of a Sleeping Bag, we'd recommend a Breathing Band over their normal pajamas!

  • willjl
    willjl Member

    Any word on when we’re going to get pjs for babies older than 9 mo? I’m not putting a band around my child’s chest & they don’t like sleep sacks. I didn’t realize that nanit didn’t have pjs up to at least 12 mo else I would have bought a Miku monitor. If I can’t get these pjs soon I’ll be buying Miku for second baby instead of another Nanit. Thanks.

  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @willjl,

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback about wanting larger pajamas for your baby. Our product team is aware of this and is looking into this but we do not have any information on when this will be available. We'll be sure to share any updates we receive from the team with the community.