[App Feature Request]: Show cumulative sleep time on video stream.

Brian Member
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Our 20-month-old usually sleeps through the night. For the times he may wake up for a bit of a cry during a nap or overnight the Nanit video feed's "I fell asleep HH:MM ago..." is reset if Nanit detects a wakeup event, then he fell back asleep.

It would be welcomed if the video feed showed something like

"I've slept 7H15M so far tonight. I fell back asleep 15M ago after being up for 10M..."

With the current behavior it's tough to know at a glance how well they've been sleeping without going through the app looking for periods of time they were awake.



  • NanitJessica
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    Hey @Brian,

    That's a great idea to show cumulative sleep time on the video stream! I'll pass this along to the product team. Thanks for that feedback 😊