Insights always WRONG!

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Hello! I continue to have wrong info from the Nanit and I’m paying for the premium membership. Why?!?! I have reset, I have emailed and follows up on multiple support tickets and getting frustrated with the lack of response. Wrong data includes:

1st - says that my son has slept 14 minutes the full night 🙃 when he obviously has slept much longer. It’s almost like the awake and sleep status is switched. He usually sleeps 10-11 hours


it never says he’s falling asleep unless I put it in. It says how long it’s been since the bed is attended to but that’s it. I’d really like to get sleep insights but it’s Always wrong!


notifications are not going off when they should. He will be full on crying and it will go off maybe once

hoping by posting on the forum I will get a response since I haven’t heard back via email!


  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @JacksMom167,

    Thanks for sharing the concerns you're having with Insights. Let me reach out to you via private message to gather more information from you since you mentioned you reached out to the support team about the issues you're experiencing.