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We have had two different nights this month where we go upstairs into our sons room to put on lotion and jammies and lay him down for bed… it is dark when we walk in and turn on a lamp but when we turn to put him in bed we see the Nanit night light has somehow turned itself on. Our son sleeps in complete darkness so this makes us have to run to get our phone downstairs to turn off the light before putting him in bed. What could cause the nightlight to turn itself on randomly?



  • NanitJessica
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    Hey @JessVN,

    Thanks for posting on the community about this. We want to ask some additional questions in regards to your night light turned on by itself:

    • When did you notice the night light turn on? Please provide the timestamp (date and time range with time zone included). Did this happen often or was this the first time?
    • What Nanit Camera did you experience this issue with? A Plus or a Pro camera?
    • Was the camera turned on or off? If on, do you have the camera running all night?
    • Did you notice the red IR lights turned on? Or was this only with night light (from the back of the camera)?
    • Was there a timer set on the night light by accident (which has a timer of 15, 30, and 60 mins)?
    • Do you have video history enabled? If so, do you notice that the night light turns on on its own when you look through the history?
    • What phone device are you using? Are you using the latest app version?

    We hope to hear from you soon so we can further assist you!