What is your most wanted feature?

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Curious to hear what your most wanted feature is.

Mine? Well, I would love the ability to stream a music service provider straight from the nanit camera. It would be nice not having to use a different device to connect to a Bluetooth speaker for more white noise options.



  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @i_nanit_ions Thank you for starting this thread! We would love to hear your most wanted features, so continue to add them here.

    I will note all of the requests made on this thread and share them with our product team. Soon we will have a dedicated area in the community for features requests - more information coming soon!

  • That would be great! Our night vision flickers back and forth if the blinds sway open from the air conditioning. It would be cool to have a custom schedule for night vision

  • Benji
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    I've asked their Support team about this before but adding gender open pronouns like they/them would be nice. That, or just a third option to choose besides claiming my baby as a boy or girl in the settings.

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