What is your most wanted feature?

Curious to hear what your most wanted feature is.

Mine? Well, I would love the ability to stream a music service provider straight from the nanit camera. It would be nice not having to use a different device to connect to a Bluetooth speaker for more white noise options.



  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @i_nanit_ions Thank you for starting this thread! We would love to hear your most wanted features, so continue to add them here.

    I will note all of the requests made on this thread and share them with our product team. Soon we will have a dedicated area in the community for features requests - more information coming soon!

  • That would be great! Our night vision flickers back and forth if the blinds sway open from the air conditioning. It would be cool to have a custom schedule for night vision

  • apark1024
    apark1024 Member

    The white noise / sound is so abrupt! It would be great if it slowly turned on or transitioned between volume levels. We don’t use the white noise because it wakes baby up when we adjust the volume or turn it on or off!

  • Benji
    Benji Member

    I've asked their Support team about this before but adding gender open pronouns like they/them would be nice. That, or just a third option to choose besides claiming my baby as a boy or girl in the settings.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Member

    Agree 100% with Daniel, these features would be amazing!

  • Hersh
    Hersh Member

    HomeKit integration is also something that I almost wish everyday that Nanit had. Nanit is the only smart device in our home that isn’t HK compatible

  • I'd love to be able to put the white noise on a custom timer - our kids sleep with it all night, but I'd like to be able to have it shut off when it's "wake up" time. 30 and 60 minutes is too short and with the continuous play you run the risk of acclimating to the noise and not turning it off at all!

  • Shiv
    Shiv Member

    I’d love to be able to add photos to memories and not just video moments, he makes the cutest poses sometimes! No scrap book works without curated photos

  • jespr
    jespr Member

    Nanit insights for day sleep. So detecting nap patterns.

  • LyndseyS1
    LyndseyS1 Member

    I’d like a music button on the nanit itself so I didn’t have to go find my phone once I’ve already put the baby down.

  • Fairies
    Fairies Member
    edited July 8

    We have grandparents who live overseas and have granted them access to our Nanit camera, whilst we’re happy with the security Nanit has in place with MFA at sign in, we would like to be able to view a “security access log” as a record to ensure that only those accounts authorised to view our camera have been able to and the times that those accounts have been accessing it.

    Thanks! Great thread and great contributions community!

  • Anchela
    Anchela Member

    For it to work.

  • EdOne
    EdOne Member

    Resetting the circle without ending the session!

  • Jgaebler
    Jgaebler Member

    -Most wanted feature would be an option of split screen to watch multiple kids at one time. During naps and bedtime it would be great to be able to see and hear both kids without having to go back and forth.

    -Pairing the camera with WiFi without having the camera backlight flash on and off. Sometimes when the camera has to be paired with our internet it is while one of our kids is sleeping, so it is disruptive to have to go into their room and have a light flash on and off in order to pair it back up.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Member

    The ability to connect to hotel wifi or open wifi networks. My family and I travel often and love taking the nanit with us but the major of places we are unable to use it because the available networks are open and not secure. Allow us to connect to any network of our choice and just add an option we need to select for this to be possible. Mobile Hotspot is not an option because most areas we travel have poor cell service.

  • LRHdad
    LRHdad Member

    For the trends to display they time activity happens. It says a time they were put to bed and when they wake up but i want to see at what times she wakes up. Is it the same time every night?

    recordings of the trend timeline. When she is awake in the middle of the night I would like to review video to mark if she’s actually awake or moving in her sleep.

    better video quality. We have the best internet possible and the picture is grainy which is ridiculous for how much this cost and the technology available.

  • Nchaplin
    Nchaplin Member

    I love the log loop graphic on the Snoo app - showing when baby was put to bed, started to get fussy. It would be great is those notifications of awake, asleep, noise where graphed in some sort of visual way so I didn't have to sort through all the text notifications. An improvement over the Snoo app is a way to compare each day's log visually to one another - in order to more easily see trends and patterns from day-to-day.

    On the purchase receipt, I wish it would say which items were FSA/HSA eligible like the CVS/Walgreens receipts are laid out. For example, if I purchased the additional insights package, I'm not sure if I can claim that bit - but would be nice if the receipt made it more clear.

  • @Melanie how about a classical music playlist and in addition to the white noise, birds or waves etc