Breathing Band Issue

Hello, we are new to Nanit and used the Breathing Band for the first time last night. I thought the band would work all night but it looks like it only works for half an hour when you push the lung button in the app. Can anyone please clarify if that is the case? Many thanks!

(Apologies I think I had previously posted this in the wrong area)


  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hey @Eekeje,

    Welcome to the Nanit Community and that's exciting that you have the Breathing Band for your baby! Let me try providing some tips that can possibly help you with detecting breathing motion monitoring as it should detect for more than an hour.

    • Try to make sure that there is a clear line of sight between the camera and the Breathing Band pattern on your baby.
    • If you're using the Multi-Stand, it will work better if it is higher than the edge of your crib and your baby is completely in view.
    • Make sure the Breathing Band is not put on a thick fabric but on light clothing.

    And read more here to learn how to be sure that the Breathing Motion Monitoring is working properly: How can I ensure proper Breathing Motion Monitoring?

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if you're still having any troubles.