What age to stop breathing monitoring?

Our little one is nearly 19 months old, and we are still using the breathing monitoring via the Nanit sleep sack. We recently went on a quick trip, and we were unable to get a clear view of the breathing motion via the hotel provided crib and multi-stand. I suggested to my wife that she probably doesn't need the breathing monitor anymore, and you'd thought I suggested throwing the baby out the 15th floor windows. I've been doing a lot of digging online, and not been able to find any solid advice or recommendations on what age to retire the breathing monitoring. All opinions and experiences welcome!!


  • I was wondering the same. I freak out when he falls asleep and I didn’t put the band on him!! When is it safe to stop?

  • Brian
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    The 15th floor comment made me laugh out loud, but I totally get it.😁

    All of us posting here survived without any kind of technology watching us. Our little one is 16 months. While we do put a sleep band on him most times, there are some naps/nights where the band just isn't used or is only used part of the night. Maybe he was fighting us going down and couldn't get it on, or it rips off rolling around (the L band is too small for his belly and can come off), or he passes out so fast we didn't have time to get him in his sleep sack and band, so we toss a blanket over him. Guess what, he doesn't forget to breath just because the band is off. 🙂 The camera still gives us the audio/video and records events.

    None of the above is likely helpful to you, but don't feel like you're nuts for suggesting what you did. 🍻

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @brtgator This is such a great question! How long you use breathing wear for completely depends on your comort level. For some families, it just provides peace of mind. We understand that many families want to continue using breathing wear for a long time and so we ensured that our products can be used up to 24 months.