Is there any way to turn IR light dots when sleeping at night

the IR light dots seems are always ON even if I turn off the night vision mode. It seems to be distracting when sleeping at night in dark room. Is there any way to completely turn them off??


  • @sherry a few questions to help identify the issue:

    1. Does the IR light turn off if you fully illuminate the room by turning on the lights?
    2. Does this occur if you turn the camera off while the IR lights are currently unlit, i.e. in day vision mode?

  • For your questions:

    1. yes
    2. if I turn the camera off, everything is OFF for sure.

    my question is how to turn off IR lights in night vision mode when the room lights are off?? Because it’s quite disturbing my baby sleep at night.

  • Hi @sherry The IR lights allow you to see your baby when the room is dark and therefore cannot be turned off in night vision mode. Our camera has the infrared LEDs with an infrared filter, which returns black and white image.