How Much Breathing Wear is enough?

Neil79 Member


We’ve a baby due in November and wondered how many breathing wear items people would recommend and what varieties for the first 6 month say?


  • Outs didn't like the swaddle too much and started rolling to his side after the first 2 weeks. Those work pretty good though. We have some small and large breathing bands, a 3 pack of each. They don't get dirty so need to have very many. You could try the sacks but we're just going to stick with the bands and normal clothes.

  • Madi
    Madi Member

    We used the swaddles with our twins until they both started pulling their arms out of the top of the saddle around 3 months. Then we switched to the regular bands which we can always put over own sleep sacks (with arms) or onesies. They are 5 months and doing really well with just the bands. Even with twins we only got one pack of 3 of each kind and wash them each week

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