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looking for some help. We are a UK customer, we only purchased the Nanit as it could be used with Alexa. We’ve set it up as little one just arrived and downloaded both Alexa show and normal skills to use on our Alexa’s around the house. Unfortunately it shows in the information on Alexa app - live view not supported when clicking on the cameras where it displays all our other cameras such as Ring etc. Really disappointed so hoping someone has had the same issue and can help us as feel like we’ve now wasted our money and could have just got a normal cheaper Baby monitor and done what we needed it to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve included a screenshot from the Alexa app.

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  • NanitMelanie
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    @CRC1 Thank you for posting here! A few questions for you so we can troubleshoot a bit:

    1. Is your Alexa show and Nanit camera on the same wifi network (SSID)? If not, can you try putting them both on the same network to see if that resolves the problem?
    2. Is your Nanit live feed working properly?

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    It’s normal to show this message on your phone, ignore it. Use the alexa device to call it up assuming you have the touch screen. You won’t have the temperature & humidity…

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