Night Vision

My night vision seems to be on all the time. The red dots are always on. Just started last night. If I manually turn off night vision the lights go off but if I go back to auto they always stay on.


  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Member, Nanit Team

    Hi @SmithAaronA - could you answer a few questions to determine what might be causing your red IR lights to stay on?

    1. Does the IR light turn off if you fully illuminate the room by turning on the lights?
    2. Does this occur if you turn the camera off while the IR lights are currently unlit, i.e. in day vision mode?

  • Hi @Mack , to answer your questions.

    1. no, it does not turn off when I turn the lights on.
    2. the red lights only turn off if we unplug the camera.
  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Member, Nanit Team

    Hi @SmithAaronA - thank you for getting back to me! I am going to escalate this to our support team to take a look. We will be in touch soon!