Audio Won’t Stay On

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The audio was working oerfectly fine. But all of a sudden I was kicked out of the app. Once I logged back in the audio won’t stay on. I keep getting the message “audio is disabled in settings”. I try to toggle it on but it won’t stay enabled. Any idea what’s going on?



  • NanitMackenzie
    NanitMackenzie Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @Laurajoan1 - thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry that you are having trouble with your audio.

    If you haven't already, could you please try the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Power cycling your Nanit: remove the camera from the stand for about 3 minutes, then reattach back to the stand, and let it boot back up
    2. Uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone
    3. Perform a reset of your camera using these instructions for each camera version.
    4. Log back into the Nanit app and re-pair your Nanit to your network. Check the setting to confirm whether it will stay enabled.

    If those steps don't do the trick, let me know and I can escalate your issue up to our support team for further review and troubleshooting!

  • This is a recurring issue with either the camera firmware or iOS app. Following the generic steps above does nothing to correct the issue.

    I have contacted Nanit directly and gave ne the same steps. Their products are riddled with bugs like this and I was not suprised when the app crashed while I was typing this.

  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hey @Nicholas,

    We appreciate you trying out the following steps that were given by both us and the support team. From looking at your ticket, it looks like they haven't heard back from you - I'd suggest letting them know you're still having an issue even with the given steps so they can further assist you.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.