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Wondering if any parents out there have had any trouble using their Nanit camera with the Slumberpod?


  • Haleyc
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    I use a different camera for the slumberpod. The pod has a pocket you put the camera in and I felt like you needed one you can move around while in there. Plus I wasn’t sure how to even have the Nanit connected without a stand

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    You have to use the travel Multi-stand to use it with the Slumberpod. I tried it today & it was okay. I might just need to use another monitor for the Slumberpod. Thank you.

  • Aisha
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    I use it with my Nanit. I actually like it because it can get quite warm in the tent so it helps me find methods to keep my baby cool.

    When I put the camera in, I watch the monitor on my phone as I adjust it around until I get a nice clear picture. Takes me only a few minutes.

  • How do you use it with your nanit? Is the multi-stand able to be placed inside the slumberpod?

    I have ordered the slumberpod but haven’t received it yet so I’m trying to see if I need to get something else to make it work. I just had to purchase a travel router in order to get the nanit to work at a hotel.

  • We just started using the slumber pod today. You need to use the Multi-Stand and placing it in there sideways helps get all of the crib in view. Then you just have to play around with it a little bit to get it lying flat enough for clear picture. And to help avoid a glare. It's not going to be as clear as you\re used to but it's not terrible and you can still see breathing movements. Someone on the slumberpod site suggested going to "Advanced Setting" and changing your night vision from auto to on or off. This helps prevent constant refocusing and the clicking sound.


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