Low breaths per minute (17-18)

Our almost 7 month old sleeps great at night, but I’ve noticed over the last few months her breaths per minute have gotten pretty low. She’s down to 18 breaths per minute regularly throughout the night, and I’ve even seen it at 17 BPM. According to Nanit’s chart, 19 BPM is the low end for a 1.5-2 year old, with her age rage being 23-62 BPM. Obviously asking the doctor too, but wanted to know if anyone else had this concern?


  • My 4.5 month old has 18 bpm. I was wondering about that too since that is very low according to the chart… it’s her first night in her crib too!

  • Mine are like 18-20 and I was concerned too!

  • Same here, mine is 4 months old and her breath goes down to 19 per minute. Is the chart an average?

  • My guy is 9 months and same thing

  • The chart must be wrong if all of us are having the same situation. My son has always been between 17-25 from 6 months til now at 10.5 months… I was also worried when I looked at the chart. He’s never been higher than 30 and that’s when he’s just fallen asleep after being upset and crying.

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    Our breathing motion monitoring feature is designed to alert you when we detect no breathing movement for more than 20 seconds. The accuracy of the actual BPM value may vary slightly for some families. The table on our website was taken from a renowned published paper. As a reminder, Nanit is not a medical device and the BPM readings should not be used for any medical diagnosis.

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    I have the same concern/question. Recognizing that it isn't a medical device, you must have some statistics on accuracy of the measurement; otherwise you wouldn't display the number nor share the chart.

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    Curious if you spoke to your pediatrician about this and if they had any insight into the low range of breaths per minute?