Sleeping Bag

Reaching out to the community on this one.

New parents/first child is our background.

Son is 6 months and has mastered the art of neck control and rolling over. This now makes him a preferred stomach sleeper. He starts on the back, but will transition to his stomach in no time.

With this is mind, will the sleeping bag give him the freedom to easily roll over, while giving us the accurate breathing monitoring? We have the breathing bands, but want an option that may also provide some additional warmth through the winter months. I’ve read that the sleeping bag has a 0.5 TOG. We’ve also considered winter pajamas/onesies.


  • Yes our daughter is almost 7 months old and all we’ve used is the sleeping bags for a few months now (she started rolling at 3-4 months). We use this with regular footie jammies and she’s done great. She does 360s and rolls all night and it can still track her well. You just need to make sure the Velcro strap is secured relatively straight in the back.