Breathing Band on transitional sleep sacks

What transitional sleep sacks are safe to use the breathing band on? We used the Nanit swaddle with our baby and at about 9 weeks we noticed she was too long for it. She was also able to get her entire arm out of the top of the swaddle so it went under one arm, up over the opposite shoulder.

I don’t feel like she is ready for the Nanit sleep sack, Id like to keep her arms somewhat contained. We have a transitional sleep sack with a weighted bean on it but arent sure if it’s safe to put the band around a weighted sack.

Im afraid with other sacks that the arms are too connected and a breathing band might ride up.

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  • Thirteengothlane
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    I am currently using a sleep sack with a weighted center and little "wing" sleeves for the arms with a breathing band. I have the band wrapped loose enough to easily slide a finger under the band. Camera reads the breathing just fine.

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert
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    @ChickieC5 In your situation we would highly recommend the Nanit Breathing Band over the Love to Dream swaddle. This swaddle allows the baby to have their arms up but still stop the Moro reflex from startling them awake. We like it because its thin enough for the Breathing Band to be used over it and still register the breathing movement and it is safe to be used with the Breathing Band because is under the baby's arms, thus eliminating the chance the band will be pushed up by the baby's arms. We really dont want the band to be used over a traditional swaddle because there is a chance the band will ride up.

    We dont recommend the sleeping bags with the weighted beans, since this can interfere with the algorithms measuring the baby's breathing motion. Similarly, we advise against using a thick weighted suit with the Breathing Band because it can be just too thick and make it really hard for the camera to see any breathing movement.


  • We were afraid of doing that, thinking it might be too much compression on her chest. Good to know that it’s not!

  • Should be just fine. I have the band a little lower towards my little ones waist, so I see the top half of the weighted bean shape. Been getting good readings fir two weeks now.

  • ChickieC5
    ChickieC5 Member

    Thank you. I had purchased the Love to Dream as well, but wasn’t sure if the breathing band would still ride up if she wiggled around. I ended up returning it before I tried it. I appreciate the response! I hope Nanit either makes a transitional sack, or advertises this more.