Nanit Insights Outage

NanitMelanie Nanit Team
edited August 17 in Camera & App

Beginning at approximately 10 am EST, our cloud vendor, AWS, began experiencing a widespread outage, which may delay or stop the generation of your Nanit Insights.

 This issue is out of our control, but the Amazon team is working to recover over the next few hours.

 You can always check Nanit’s system status at any time at


  • First of all, I love Nanit.

    just one feedback though: this sentence doesn't sound right: "This issue is out of our control".

    Although it's an issue of AWS, Nanit tech team may consider some more proactive approaches to increase service stability, e.g. setting up backup cloud service like Google Cloud or Azure

  • @villas thank you for your feedback! Happy to hear you love Nanit and we are always working to improve - so I will be sure to take this feedback and share it with our team.

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