Solution for night-time?

We specifically went with the Nanit Pro because we liked the app connectivity and not having another monitor to carry around. That said, we didn't think ahead to when our daughter would be in her own room and crib at night...

I'm aware Nanit has night mode where you can basically leave your phone on and it wakes if it detects any sound or motion. But it also doesn't detect sound if white noise is being used, lol. Does anyone know of a good solution? Or are we going to have to shell out for an extra cheapie once she moves over?


  • mwittenb
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    edited December 2021

    Our camera detects noise with white noise on (we use a separate white noise machine, not the Nanit), and is generally pretty accurate at only detecting baby noise. There should be a setting that you can adjust for sensitivity of the noise detection.

  • Interesting. In the settings our app literally says "sound notifications are disabled while nature sounds are playing."

  • @jhaas2629 if you are using Nanit White noise then you are correct in that sound notifications are disabled. If you use a separate white noise machine then you would still receive sound notifications via your Nanit.

    I am connecting with our product team to see if this is something we are working on for a future update to allow both white noise via the nanit as well as sound notifications.