Does Travel Case Fit with New Nanit Pro Adapter Block?

I recently upgraded from Nanit Plus to Nanit Pro, and I noticed that the power adapter for the Nanit Pro is larger than the one for Nanit Plus, and that results in me not being able to fit it into the travel case I purchased at the time I acquired the Nanit Plus.

Do the latest travel cases currently available on Nanit's site support the Nanit Pro power adapter form factor.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team
    Accepted Answer

    @michaerru yes - our new travel case (for sale on the website) does fit the power adapter for the pro camera. If you'd like, I can have a member of our support team reach out to replace your travel case so your pro adapter fits correctly! Let me know!


  • Hi @Melanie ,

    Thanks for the confirmation! We actually bought the new travel case + multistand bundle from the website yesterday and so we now have a travel case for both our Nanit plus and Nanit pro cameras (we intend to use both simultaneously eventually). No need to be contacted by the support team on this item; but I really appreciate you going the extra mile to offer a replacement. Thanks a bunch!