Monitor not detecting movement

Our monitor isn’t detecting movement once my baby is in bed. It used to all the time before I renewed our subscription. But I hardly get any videos or activity now. My son is in a toddler bed and moves very close to the edge sometimes, so I want to know when he gets up or has moved significantly. He will get up and turn his whole body around at night but the nanit won’t capture it.

anyone else having these issues?

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  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team
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    Some background information that may be helpful in terms of how our camera captures motion/sound:

    Whenever a motion/sound notification occurs, there is a 1-minute cool down period before something can occur again. The cooldown period must go entirely uninterrupted, so 1-minute must elapse without any motion or sound in order for another notification to occur. Please keep in mind that the cooldown periods for motion and sound are separate, so one will not interrupt another.

    In turn, it is possible that sensitivity for motion/sound detection may be so high on the camera that it is perpetually resetting the cooldown on the camera, thus causing entire instances of time where the camera will not report a notification at a time that it should because it's currently enrolled in that cooldown period.

    Here are some tips that should help:

    • Adjust the sensitivity. If the sensitivity is set high try setting the sensitivity to a lower setting. It is possible for the camera's sensitivity to be set too high in which notifications happen less than expected.
    • Adjust the motion area to just the crib. If the motion area is set to the whole room. Similar to what is mentioned above, the camera cool-down can play a part here.