Nanit marking as awake

Sgallagher12 Member
edited December 2021 in Camera & App

I’ve been noticing that the nanit is marking my 7 week old as awake many times throughout the night when he is still asleep. He can sometimes kick and grunt but is still very much sleeping. Last night we had the best sleep yet and when I checked his dashboard this morning there are many “awakes” and his time is no where near the actual time he spent sleeping. I’ve been “reporting” the false ones but this is getting frustrating. Some videos he isn’t even moving at all. Any suggestions? I’d like to get some accurate readings before we start sleep training.


  • @Sgallagher12 Occasionally, the camera has difficulty determining when baby is awake versus asleep - especially toward the beginning of the night. This can be more commonly seen with younger babies and it should improve as your baby gets older. The camera learns their sleep behaviors and can better distinguish movement while awake or asleep. Our product team is working diligently to continue improving how the camera captures this data. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to help.