Syncing of the Sound Button Across Team Member Apps

Jane Member
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We use the Nanit sound "Whitenoise" whenever baby naps/sleeps. It helps prevent him from waking due to noises outside (like our neighbour's construction), or even inside (if we were on a phone call).

We notice that sometimes if my husband selects the sound and volume level, it doesn't sync across to my device. Is this a common problem?

For example: I sometimes will gently wake my baby from his nap to prevent too much daytime sleep. I do this by turning down the Nanit Whitenoise sound volume slightly. But sometimes my audio says "Birds" when in fact the "Whitenoise" sound is playing. I'm always afraid turning down the volume would play the "Birds" and scare our babe!


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    Hi @Jane I am going to submit this to our support team so they can investigate further. We will be in touch with you directly!

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