PSA: Apple Pay

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So, our insights subscription was going to run out. We’re working on transitioning to one nap so I’m actually paying attention to how long he sleeps and his wake times, etc. I used Apple Pay in the app to renew. I got an email from nanit saying that my purchase was successful. Then on Friday night (of course) a week after I got the email that my purchase was successful… I got an email from nanit saying my insight subscription ran out, or something similar. So, we had no insights from Friday night until about 11:00 today, Monday.

I emailed support and also called on Saturday. The phone conversation was that nanit has no control over Apple Pay so they don’t know that you’ve purchased it in their app. Which seems insane to me- I have other apps that don’t give Apple Pay as an option so I’m not sure why they couldn’t disable that as a payment choice if they can’t confirm it. But, anyway, they blamed this as nothing to do with nanit but apple.

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