PSA: Apple Pay

So, our insights subscription was going to run out. We’re working on transitioning to one nap so I’m actually paying attention to how long he sleeps and his wake times, etc. I used Apple Pay in the app to renew. I got an email from nanit saying that my purchase was successful. Then on Friday night (of course) a week after I got the email that my purchase was successful… I got an email from nanit saying my insight subscription ran out, or something similar. So, we had no insights from Friday night until about 11:00 today, Monday.

I emailed support and also called on Saturday. The phone conversation was that nanit has no control over Apple Pay so they don’t know that you’ve purchased it in their app. Which seems insane to me- I have other apps that don’t give Apple Pay as an option so I’m not sure why they couldn’t disable that as a payment choice if they can’t confirm it. But, anyway, they blamed this as nothing to do with nanit but apple.

This is my PSA to anyone if you choose to use the payment option nanit supplies you have to email them confirmation of that payment or they will take away your insight plan. And their “customer service” is to tell you they’ll pass along the info to the group that actually reinstates your plan. “Sorry” isn’t a choice in their canned replies. 🙄 And it takes about 48 hours to get the service you’ve paid for and confirmed via email back.


  • @ApplePair I connected with our support team and what you experienced was a technical issue - we reached out to Apple to let them know about this problem. We apologize that this happened to you and delayed your insights upgrade. For your inconvenience, we extended your insights subscription an additional month.

    For future reference, when upgrading your insights it should be reflected instantly.

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

  • I was told that this is what happens when you use Apple Pay, and that I should have used the website to pay. My point is- if that is true than Apple Pay shouldn’t be an option OR you should let people know that they need to send confirmation of the Apple Pay. Because I assumed it had upgraded instantly when I paid because my insights worked for a week and I got an email from nanit the same night I purchased the insight plan telling me it was successful.

    The free month is worthless. I assume I’m like most people and just want the services I pay for to work, and when they don’t I just want the issue resolved. And it’s a pain when you specifically make sure to pay for something so as not to loose it when you need it, and then have that be the time that you don’t have access for days in a row. So, I think it’s fair to let others know that if they want to upgrade- don’t use Apple Pay unless they want to jump through additional hoops to get what they’ve paid for?