Broken up sleep episodes

Not sure if this is the right category for this question but does anyone have issues with the app breaking up a sleep session into naps?

For example baby goes to sleep at 8pm-6am and the app will put 8-11pm on one day as a nap and 11:10-4am as the night time sleep and then 4:20-6am as a nap on the next day? It happens sometimes when I take hIm out of the crib to nurse and then lay him back down to go back to sleep. As a result we get poor sleep scores/quality and inaccurate total sleep times.



  • Hi @Acram This is usually caused by the following:

    • The baby is put to sleep outside of the bed-time. Even 2 minutes prior to the bedtime window in the app will cause the initial asleep time to be registered as a nap for that day.
    • If the camera is turned on right before putting the baby down to sleep, in many cases it can lead to the camera not recognizing that the crib was empty prior to putting them down, and this causes the Insights algorithm to incorrectly classify that time.

    If you tend to turn your camera on and off a lot, we do recommend that you turn it back on 15-30 minutes prior to putting your baby down to ensure that the baby is put down during the sleep window and not below.

    Let us know if that helps!

  • Thank you! I just adjusted the bedtime window. I really appreciate the help!