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Do you have questions about the Nanit Product? Now is your chance to ask us anything! Join our Chief Product Officer, Amir Eitan, and Senior Product Manager, Tali Gueta, and ask them anything about Nanit! 

Amir and Tali are here to answer your questions about Nanit today, 11/9 through tomorrow, 11/10. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your questions answered!



  • When I have my baby in the crib the live mode is very delayed. What could be causing this?

  • micah_dad
    micah_dad Member, Super Parent

    I heard smart home integration has been on the product roadmap for a while but would love to know when exactly this might be ready by?

    I also traveled recently but was disappointed to find that I could not connect to hotel Wi-Fi and use my Nanit on the road. This seems like pretty low hanging fruit given that none of my other devices have an issue with connecting to hotel WiFi. Would also like to hear if this is a fix that can be put in.

  • I’m so over the connectivity problems. Seriously considering buying a different monitor and throwing this one in the trash. I have two of these monitors now and I’m beginning to feel they are a waste of money. They need to work without WiFi monitors for years have worked without WiFi, so it’s not new technology. Why is this not an option with this monitor. I’m getting so frustrated with the connection going in and out all night long… when I need it the most of course. Please get better or send me money to buy a different monitor that actually works.

  • Hi @ChelseaN I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing connectivity problems - I have escalated this over to a member of our support team so we can take a closer look at what could be causing this for your cameras. This may involve some troubleshooting but our team is here to work with you to identify the issue so you are able to rely on your Nanit cameras. We will be in touch soon!

  • I did comment back in September on the smart integration (for me Google Assistant), but I think are some challenges on this (?)

    The ability to use open networks, such as those frequently offered by hotels would be very helpful too. I’d be interested to know what the issues are with this?

  • @micah_dad In terms of hotel wifi - we care about your privacy and security and Nanit can’t be used with non secure wifi networks. You can buy a travel router to be able to use Nanit on the go!

    We have been looking into the possibilities of the home integration and will be sure to share any updates when we have them!

  • @jimisp The reason Nanit cannot connect to open networks is for your privacy and security.

  • @jimisp and @mi@micah_dad here are some tips about traveling with your Nanit from other Nanit parents that may be helpful! https://community.nanit.com/discussion/171/nanit-tips-tricks-traveling-with-your-nanit-travel-hack-for-multi-stand-from-a-nanit-parent

  • @jennyf218 It is probably best for us to take a closer look at what you are experiencing so we can identify what is happening - a member of our support team will reach out!

  • Can you comment on what’s on your roadmap when it comes to additional metrics and analytics? (Ie: heart rate, Oxygen, etc)

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