Will Nanit work with a 1.5 tog grobag (sleeping bag)?


Thinking of getting Nanit as we’ll be putting our 8mo into her nursery at bedtime soon (currently sleeps in cot in our room).

but we’re in the UK and so for a chunk of the year, she’ll be in a 2.5 tog grobag. I read that Nanit don’t recommend the breathing band going over grobags above 1 tog, which to me seems a bit of a design flaw (unless you live in a hot climate all year!).

Anyone got experience of putting the breathing band over a 2.5 tog grobag?

or would we be better going for the Owlet baby monitor with smart sock instead, for this reason?


  • NanitMelanie
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    Hi @clairem1122  the reason we recommend only using garments that are not thick is to reduce the risk of false red alerts with the breathing band. It's not the TOG per se rather how thick the garment is. Indeed many times there's a correlation between the TOG and the thickness (hence why we recommended 1.0 tog). Hopefully, some community members can chime in with their experience around the band with specific types of grobags!

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Hi!

    We have been using Kyte's 2.5 TOG sleeping bags with my daughter from about 7 months to now (almost 3...yes I know we still use it at almost 3). We have never had any problems with false alarms. Planning on doing the same with our son as well.

    Hope that helps!


  • Allison
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    Hi! We have put the breathing bands around both of our kids in sleep sacks ( fleece and the thinner material ones) we have not had any issues with red alerts. Just make sure the breathing band is tight enough ( but still able to fit a finger in between comfortably I believe that’s what they say in the instructions) would definitely go with the Nanit and the breathing bands over the owlet.