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I love night mode and use it every night but during the day, this is not required. I have to manually turn this on and off and sometime I forget to put back on at night time. Would it be possible to either get this to automatically switch on or off or set it based on times that I can set?. Example day mode from 7AM - 10PM then night mode from 10PM - 7AM


  • @469 Thanks for posting here! Your camera should be automatically switching - so I've gone ahead and escalated this over to our support team so they can take a look and identify why this is not happening. We will be in touch soon!

  • I’m pretty sure we’re talking about Night Mode in the app. That dims the screen brightness.

    In general, it would just be nice if that feature wasn’t hidden away as it is now. I have a huge breathing monitor button in the corner of the screen, even though I don’t own the accessories for it. An important feature like Night Mode would actually be relevant to most of your customers instead of things that they aren’t able to use anyway.

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    I agree 100% with the OP. Would be a great simple enhancement to allow us to schedule night mode (auto dim) based on time.

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    Thank you, everyone, who are supporting this idea with wanting night mode to be scheduled based on time. We've heard this feature request before but I'll share it to the development team again for the Nanit app. We'll be sure to update the community when we hear any new information about this request!

  • I agree entirely with everyone above. I can’t tell you how many times my wife wakes me up at 2am… oh, not because the baby is awake but because my screen is too bright because I forgot to put night mode back on.

    furthermore, I typically will leave the live view full screened so to turn night mode on and off I have to exit full screen and go into a hidden menu. Not very intuitive for a feature intended to be used every day.

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    @NanitJessica do we have any update on this?

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    Thanks for sharing your feedback about scheduling night mode to be enabled or disabled.

    We still haven't heard back from the development team about the progress of this feature. Rest assured that we will be sure to update the community when we hear anything back from the team about this.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding!