Is anyone else having issues with sound notifications and not being able to hear any sound?

It seems like for the last few days we have not been getting sound notifications when our son cries, and we cannot hear any sounds coming from our phones when we turn on monitoring. We have tried multiple devices, cycling through the different sound options, and turning sound off and on in the settings. Nothing seems to be working. Anyone else facing this issue? Thanks!


  • Following. Same issue here.

  • Yes!!! My son was crying for 2 hrs last night and I had no idea!! He’s only 8 weeks old

  • Yeah, same thing, all motion and sound notifications do not make any noise. They show up as "silent notifications", tried changing the app settings in the app and the android OS (10). Phone is LG8X.

  • @Gage I apologize this is happening! I've escalated this over to our support team so they can investigate further

  • I reset the Nanit and it is working again. Thanks!

  • @Gage happy to hear it is resolved! Keep us posted if there is anything else we can help with.

  • Hello! I am also having the same issue. When our son cries, we don’t get a notification. I have the sound machine on and turned it down to see if that helps and it did not. Please help! Thank you