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Hello -

We currently have two Nanits, one for each of our babies. They have been working fine for quite a while. Our kids are in the same room so we generally listen through the one with the better sound, as we can hear both kids that way. But I noticed a few days ago that I am not getting any sound from the second Nanit. I've checked settings and everything is properly set, and frankly hasn't changed from when it was working. The video is working fine. The microphone works. But absolutely no sound is coming through the Nanit. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this and/or anyone else had the same problem.

FWIW - I'm not talking about background audio. I'm talking about audio on when you are actively in the app (although background audio doesn't work either)

Thank you!



  • We are having the same issue! Would love to know how to fix it.

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  • Yes!!! My son was crying for 2 hrs last night and I had no idea!! He’s only 8 weeks old

  • @MegT @Gage @Jt429 @Creed18 I connected with our team and it looks like there was an issue with the sensor events (which is sound and motion) - this has since been resolved and you should be getting both sound and motion notifications. If you are not, please let us know and we can open a ticket with our team to investigate further.

  • I am having the same issue. No sound is working at all! Have you figured out how to resolve the issue?

  • @Alexa I'm sorry this is happening! Can you try the following troubleshooting steps with your camera - this should resolve the problem:

    Let me know if this fixes the sound issue.

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    We are experiencing the same issue! Has this been resolved?

    None of the suggested steps above helped. @Melanie.

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    We're having the same issue after trying all the resolves noted above. Please advise, thank you.

  • Nanit, having the same issues and your troubleshooting recommendations have not fixed this issue. Need you to address this fix in your tech.

  • @Creed18 even with a camera, at 8 weeks old your baby should still be in your room. And even if they aren’t you should still check on them, not rely on the camera alone.