19 breaths/min

We just started using our Nanit bands tonight. Our babe is reading 19 breaths/min on his back. We do have a sleep sack on that is slightly thicke (not a ton). Wondering if anyone else has got a low reading consistently? And how low is too low?


  • My 11 month old son has been as low as 17 over the last few days. I am concerned about it and will be talking to our paediatrician about it. My son also sleeps on a sleep sack.

  • Our 7-8 mo old son ranges from 19-29. Wayyy low. He sleeps in a 2.0-2.5 TOG sleep sack so maybe that’s why? The chart of breathing seems so high? Is 29 really bad?

  • My 8 month old is always 18-20!