Wake insights not aligning with sound/movement notifications?

Keren Member
edited March 22 in Camera & App

I am getting TONS of “baby woke up”/“baby fell asleep” insights when I review the previous night each morning. Like 10+ each night. The issue is, there is NO video for any of these events and under the activity tab there are no movement or sound detected notifications! Is this a glitch? Does anyone know what is happening here? Is my baby really waking up even though there is no video, and the camera isn’t picking up on any sound or motion?


  • Hi @Keren I'm sorry this is happening! This is not expected behavior so I've escalated this over to our support team so we can take a closer look and identify what is causing this. They'll be in touch soon!

  • Thank you @Melanie, I appreciate it! We’ve had multiple “wake up” events without video for 11 weeks.

  • @Melanie hello - This same phenomenon happens to me every single night. It also says my baby was awake most of the night when she’s sound asleep for 11 hours. I have set the space to pay attention to motion to the bassinet only multiple times yet the all continues to look for motion outside of that area (which means it’s signaling on ME in my bed a few feet away). All this causes the insights to be terrible inaccurate on a consistent basis. Please help!!

  • @Taylor Thanks for posting here and letting me know! I've escalated this over to our support team so they can take a closer look at your camera and troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing. They will be in touch with you soon!