Limiting members of the parenting team

We love our Nanit but I recently discovered the new restrictions on the members of the parenting team. We moved and got a new nanny. To add her we had to remove BOTH grandmothers access. An additional $50/year to add more members of the parenting team is bogus. How many others are enraged by this and the high prices for the annual plans as it is?


  • Completely agree on the price point - and in particular because it seems like the basic tier recently went from 7 days of history down to 2, and of course with no corresponding easement in price.

    I particularly resent the guilting language being used to get you to upgrade; "Don't let these special moments get lost!" ... so pay us $300 a year. 🙄

  • @Ddtaylor8 @groenroos thank you for your feedback. Here's a bit more information about our insights plans for context:

    We have three different Insights plans - Nanit Insights, Insights Premium, and Insights Unlimited. You can see all of the details of each plan here. Depending on your plan type, you will be able to have a different amount of users access your camera.

    Currently, Nanit Insights allows for up to 2 users, Insights Premium up to 10, and Insights Unlimited allows for up to 50.

    Every Nanit Camera comes with Nanit Insights for free for the first year.

    With the launch of our Nanit Pro camera in February 2021, we did make changes to the user limit for the Basic Nanit Insights plan. The Nanit Pro camera had several improvements some of which include 1080p HD video and a new nightlight with a warmer glow.

    I will be sure to pass along your feedback. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me and I'd be happy to assist.

  • Completely agree on the new restrictions. I am aware of the VERY expensive buy up options and am not interested. I think they are a great offering but should not be tied to camera access. I have three Nanit cameras for all my boys and after having to replace one, simply want to be able to add grandma back on with limited access. I have previously raved about Nanit to all new parents but think this change is a big deterrent and feels like a way to force people into plans they may not need or want.

  • Given the amount we paid for a Nanit, it's outrageous that I have to pay an extra $120 to add both of her grandma's. Give me a $10 per extra person option. $120 to do this is absurd.

  • @NanitMelanie It's important to note that Nanit's competitors (Miku & Owlet) allow four users with no additional fees. It is indeed truly bogus.

    We have a caregiver who cannot use our baby monitor because I refuse to pay $80/year for such basic functionality. Very disappointing. I can't possibly recommend Nanit to anyone.

  • JMC
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    I was also full of praise for the Nanit but I have just realized how I can no longer add more than 2 team members and I will certainly no longer recommend it to other parents. What bothers me the most is that when I first bought the Nanit, one of the reasons I picked it was because I could also add the grandparents. Now that Nanit changed the terms, it feels like it's not the same device I bought.

    I got a second kid coming along and I have to say Owlet is the top contender for my second monitor.