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So this is something that bothers me quite often when I wake up and check my baby’s sleep summary in the morning. I’m wondering how accurate the Nanit Insights are. My baby always has 70%-85% sleep efficiency, but never in the “optimal” area. We did sleep training, and if not foe the Nanit would be thinking our baby slept wonderfully every night. However we never really get that. I watch the night summary and often during “wake” periods my babies eyes are closed. Does Nanit count all of those movements as wake ups? Does Nanit Insights really work, accurately, for a baby who moves a lot in their sleep?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Trish_Canada Hi Trish, We measure sleep efficiency as the total time the baby was asleep divided by the time from when they are put to bed to the time they are taken out in the morning. So if your baby is taken out of bed for a feed during the night, for example, that time out of the cib is counted as awake, thus throwing off the sleep efficiency score.

    Its really normal for babies to be waking up during the night and if the baby is getting themself back to sleep without disturbing you then thats fantastic. That said, I know it can be worrying to see the low sleep efficiency score.

    We know the sleep/wake algorithms are very accurate, but occasionally, due to crib set up or light conditions in the room, there may be some inaccuracies. If you want to ping me privately, I can troubleshoot your camera set up and see if we can improve your camera set up and sleep efficiency score!

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