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I have been getting extremely inaccurate insights. My baby is an excellent sleeper, barely wakes up in the middle of the night, and usually falls asleep within 5 minutes of being put to bed. However, insights show that the sleep onset is 3+ hours every days... For some reason it reads that my baby is put to bed at around 530pm and doesn't fall asleep until 820pm when in reality she is put to bed at 820pm. Even worse, the night summary shows as "disconnection" between 530pm and the time my baby is actually put to bed so I don't know why it's reading a bed time of around 530pm everyday.

Adding to the issue, the night summary will show all the times my baby "woke up" when all she did was roll over. I have to edit the insights every single day to get a more or less accurate reading. What can I do to get more accurate insights without having to manually edit them everytime? Right now these insights are useless as they are extremely inaccurate.



  • @Tatiana Thanks for posting here and I apologize that your insights have not been accurate and unreliable. I went ahead and submitted a case over to our support team so we can take a closer look and resolve this as quickly as possible!

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