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New parents here splitting our nighttime duties. I was hoping someone else has already thought about a solution to our dilemma

My wife and i are splitting duties at nighttime and we pre-set times when we will wake up to feed our baby. The question is, is there a way to automatically turn off my background monitoring or remotely activate my wife's so we don't wake up each other while attending the baby?

If i wake up at 2am. I want to be the one monitoring the baby until 2am. But don't want my wife to be awaken bc of my interaction with the baby. And once my shift is over, i want her to start the background sound so now she is the one on call.

We are currently sleeping in separate rooms to try and sleep as much as possible, but the monitoring is what is throwing a curve to our plans. I don't want to enter her room to turn off her app bc i know I'll wake her up


  • @Carlos_OL Congrats on your new addition! There is an option to mute background audio. Once a shift is over you can Mute the audio coming from the camera - This is done by the speaker icon. Which has the three settings of Mute, Audio On, Background Audio On. It won't be automated, though. You would have to select this setting at the end of your nighttime duty.

    This doesn't solve your problem and remotely turning on your wife's audio. However, I know many nanit users have a secondary device (like an iPad) that they use to monitor baby - an idea would be to shuffle that between rooms when it is your partner's turn to take over? Hopefully, another nanit parent has an idea to solve this one!

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