Tips for sloped wall over a crib

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Our daughters room has a sloped wall that comes out over her crib (imagine like it’s under a tent). Our floor stand is too tall to fit under it. Would the wall mount work if we mounted it on the sloped wall and angled the camera up? Does it allow you to angle the camera up to down? Do you have to use the cord protector (which looks like it only goes straight down from the mount)? Any tips welcome!


  • @khol A wall mount may be better for your setup - we do recommend using the cord protector for safety purposes. While we recommend placing your nanit in the back center of your crib up against the wall like you are describing - I do see many nanit parents putting their floor stand at the head of the crib - you may give that a try and see if it works better given your sloped walls!

    Here's a quick video of setting up the wall mount if helpful to reference:

    Feel free to give our support team a call and we can give you some additional guidance on the best set up for you!

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