1 visit shows up as multiple visits


Our boy recently moved to his own room (yaaay) and the past week, we’ve been trying to sleep train him a bit more since he has always been a bad sleeper. But with the Nanit on, we can REALLY see the difference.

1 visit per hour has now turned into 1 visit per night (which is usually the dream feed before we go to bed).

But since he’s able to sit, we lowered the bed in his crib, and whenever we go and give him the bottle, we kinda “sit” next to the crib, hanging over the side, feeding him..

this turns into 2, sometimes 4-5, visits, all at once.

i know some families struggle with many visits in just 15-20 minutes. But.. maybe the “AI” should be able to tell that “if there’s been 4 visits in 10 minutes, it was probably 1 visit”.

you could even ask in the morning? “Hey Kenneth. We noticed that Atlas had multiple visits within 30 minutes last night at 11PM. Should it be merged into 1 visit?”.. and then I can confirm if it was 1 visit, or if Atlas just had a really rough night.

I know it’s possible to edit the night, but it still shows up as 4 individual visits in the graphics (that timeline). And sometimes I forget, so when I go back a couple of days, I don’t remember what is what.

So it would be really nice if this AI could be improved. Or at least get some help from me, by asking questions that I can confirm or not.