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Is anyone else having issues with incorrect data? Multiple times last week my Nanit said my daughter was helped to sleep, when she wasn’t, she was just placed in her crib and zipped into her sleep sack. Today I received a tip in my email about putting her down awake, but we always do, she just falls asleep very quickly because she knows crib and sleep sack=sleep. Yesterday the times on my app were off by 8 minutes (I fixed that by unplugging it), but the incorrect data annoys me lol. We worked really hard to get our now 7 month old to fall asleep on her own and I feel like it’s judging me for not doing it even though we are. 🤣 I know, I’m a bit dramatic.


  • @tory31 If it would be helpful, I can have a member of our CS team reach out to you directly to take a closer look at the incorrect data you are seeing on your camera. Sometimes, it can be hard for us to diagnose what may be causing this without looking a bit closer at your specific setup.

    As for the tips - I can totally understand how frustrating it can be to receive a tip for something you have already mastered (and congrats btw!). The tips are meant to help - but if you are finding them to be the opposite, you can opt-out of a specific sleep tip by tapping on the tip you no longer want to receive, scroll to the bottom of the tip and tap "opt-out of receiving this tip."

    Let me know if you'd like support to reach out to you so we can investigate further on the incorrect data/timing!


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