Limited app features when insight subscription ended?

My insights subscription recently ended, which is totally fine. My son sleeps well and we haven't felt the need to use insights for months now. However, since the subscription finished I've noticed on the camera when you open the app and it says "hey mom/dad" and it used to tell me how long ago he fell asleep/ when the cot was attended last it now no longer gives me that information. It only says "good morning mom" or "good night mom". Was this extra information part of the insights subscription? It's one of the most useful features (I think) because I could easily tell how long my son had napped for or how well he slept overnight. Now if he woke heaps (but resettled himself without waking me) I have no idea!

It was awesome during the day because with one glance I knew how long he had been asleep for and whether he was likely to wake soon or not. Hoping this is just a glitch with the app at the moment and it's not linked into insights 🤞

Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this?

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  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team
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    @Shaunijane13 Nanit sleep status is a benefit of our subscription service insights.

    Here's a quick rundown of everything that is included with the insights subscription:

    1. Sleep status
    2. Video history
    3. Sleep dashboard
    4. Night and day summaries
    5. Sleep tips & achievements
    6. Age-related tips
    7. Sleep dashboard
    8. Trends
    9. Movement map
    10. Multiple users
    11. Memories
    12. Breathing Motion Monitoring (with optional Breathing Wear products)

    You can see a more detailed breakdown of these featured here. We do offer insights for $50/yr or $5/month after your first free year. More details on the insights plans can be found here.

  • Mama0723
    Mama0723 Member
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    Exact same thing just happened to us! Being an expensive monitor as it is, I’d think some of these basic features would be included. Sleep status is our most used as well. Sounds like we have to pay for it now.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team
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    @Shaunijane13 @Mama0723 Thank you for the feedback. A little more background on why sleep status is part of the subscription service, insights:

    In order for Nanit to share the information of when baby fell asleep or is put to bed, we need to upload and store videos to our server and then use our algorithms to analyze them. If you don’t have a subscription we don’t store videos and our algorithms can't analyze them.

    For clarity - linked here are all of the features that are included with your camera without the insights subscription.


  • Thanks @Melanie for the reply! We had definitely stopped using the other features as my son is older now and sleeps well so felt we didn't need to continue with the insights. But we had the same thought as @Mama0723 , we thought it was a pretty basic feature that would have been standard with just the camera which is a little bit disapointing. But thank you so much for letting me know! Although it was such a handy feature, I feel like it's not worth the insights subscription to only use that feature.

    I'm sorry if this accidentally tags a third person. I tapped your name by mistake and for some reason it doesn't seem to be deleting 🤦‍♀️ #rookiemistake @Mama418