Sleep quality nanit dashboard

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Does anyone monitor sleep quality on the dashboard. My son is in bed from 7 to 7 with no wake ups so to me that's 12 hours of sleep. When I look at the dashboard though it shows usually only 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Anyone else have this?


  • I do!! I’ve always wondered how they monitor this and what they mean by it..

  • I think if you take him out even 1 minute after 7am and you have your settings set for 7-7 it’ll count his last wake up as a nap (even if he put himself back to sleep). Go under “baby’s name - Settings” scroll to the bottom and there’s a sleep time menu to change the time. Hope that makes sense

  • Your baby will wake up and fall asleep again during the night between sleep cycles. I think this is why it shows the smaller time as I think it only counts when they are properly asleep.

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