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Can someone explain to me how to properly set up sleep times? I have my sons set for 6pm-8pm, then I put him down at 7:20 and it logs it as a nap?? ive adjusted the times so many times to try to figure this out but it doesn’t seem to record consistently at all.


  • @Sleepless A couple of questions for you: Do you turn the camera on and off when transitioning the baby to and from the crib? If so, this could cause inaccurate Insights specifically bedtime/wake up time.

    When the camera is turned on right after the baby is put in the crib, or the camera turned off right when the baby is removed, our camera can have trouble logging the proper states, reporting inaccurate Insights. In order for Insights to be accurate and generate specific bedtimes/wakeup times, the camera needs to see the transition of the baby going in the crib and being taken out. The recommendation we have is when removing the baby, or placing them in the crib, is to try turning the camera on/off 15-30 minutes before/after the transitions to and from the crib.

    Let me know if that helps!

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