Data collection by default?

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is the data still being collect from every camera by default? If the camera is not on the crib, is the data still collected? Is there a way to opt out?

as per GDPR we should have an option to get my baby’s data removed. How to access that option?


  • NanitChristopher
    NanitChristopher Nanit Support Team

    Hi @PS31,

    These are great questions. I'll answer them in the order you asked them. By default, the camera is collecting data because the footage that's uploaded to our server is used to power the Insight Subscription. When the camera is off, our system will not collect data. If you don't want this data collected to provide Insights you can cancel the Insight subscription and our system will not collect this data. If you'd like your data removed or want to access it you can submit this request to [email protected] or [email protected]

    I've attached a link that goes over our Privacy Policy and provides more details on what type of data is collected.


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